UX Designer | Front-End Web Developer


Hi! Welcome to my site! This is my online portal where potential clients or employers can see my works, skills and other relevant information regarding my career.

I am an experienced UX Designer, Web Developer, Graphics Designer.

I have a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and have been active in the web industry since 2008. I have a wide range of experience from web-development, graphics design to project management and analysis.

I am the type of person who always craves to learn new things to improve my craft. I may seem like a jane of all trades type of person but that is just me always pushing to learn new things that I can apply to my career.

I am currently working as a full-time UX Designer and web developer. I also accept freelance projects.

Skills Summary

  • UX design and Web development: CSS, HTML, Basic PHP and JavaScript
  • CMS & eCommerce Platforms: Wordpress, Joomla, ZenCart, Open Cart
  • Graphics Design: Web Graphics Assets, Brochures, Tri-folds and Flyers
  • Project Management Documentation Skills: Project Scope, Use-Case and Flowchart Diagrams, End-User Manuals, etc.

See more of my skills by downloading my resume. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact me.

How I Work

Most people follow steps and procedures when they work. Here is my summarized list tried and tested guidelines towards amazing output:

Info Gathering

The initial step requires gathering all details regarding the project. By the end of this stage, there must be answers to every what, where, when, why and how question down to the smallest detail such as color themes.


Whether I am working on a website or a graphics project, it is always my habit to sketch a draft before starting anything on my computer. This way, I can fill out spaces and make sure that every element conveys the message effectively.

Design, Develop, Test, Repeat

I am meticulous when it comes to my work as I want an outstanding output. This is why after every website or page or graphics asset, I make sure to test how the output shows up: how it looks like when printed on graphic assets or how the site displays on browsers.


After repeated testing and making sure everything looks well, comes the end! Yay for another awesome project done... now onto the next project!

What I Can Do

You can say I'm a perfectionist. Whenever I start a project, I always give my 101%.

Your website is your portal in the world-wide web. It should be perfect of course! My experience and knowledge can bring out the best on your next website.

Your graphics assets must be able to capture your target audience at one glance. I can help you achieve your goals in both web and print advertisement.

With numerous web-based applications that I have started and launched in the past, I am a perfect candidate to assure your next project's success.

My Portfolio

Due to non-disclosure agreements I have signed with the companies I've worked with in the past, I cannot display my previous works publicly. Please contact me to request access to my private portfolio.